Founded in Sydney by Willy Du and Phil Choy, Sundale was conceived from 20 years of local experience in architecture, engineering and property development. After rapid expansion and the successful development of iconic commercial and residential projects, the Sundale team has evolved to include project managers and project coordinators, as well as a core team of industry partners and consultants.

The firm adopts a holistic approach to every project, with a focus on design and construction excellence, fostered through active collaboration between team members, strategic partners, consultants and clients. The Sundale executive board maintains a comprehensive quality control system for all products delivered, ensuring client needs are not only consistently met, but exceeded.


Developing property with care, integrity, and responsible practices.

Sundale maintains a consistent dedication to developing using the most sustainable methods possible, in the application of both material and human resources. Acknowledging our shared responsibility in ensuring the long-term sustainability of the natural and built environment, Sundale strives to remain at the forefront of responsible and integrity-driven development.

By collaborating exclusively with a team of top-tier architects, builders and interior designers, Sundale continues to minimise environmental impact, and to increasingly develop both aesthetically and ecologically in harmony with the environment.


Sundale proudly guarantees the highest levels of development oversight and client service.

In a rapidly-evolving property market, stability is increasingly elusive. Accordingly, Sundale is committed to the provision of a smooth and professional development process for all clients and industry partners.

The Sundale Guarantee is to consistently offer not only outstanding client service, but developments crafted with care, backed by our comprehensive quality control systems. Our team of project managers, architects, builders and interior designers meticulously oversee each project from end-to-end, ensuring the exceptional level of detail and precision that have become the hallmark of every Sundale development.